Boeshield T-9 Lube 118ml / 4oz.

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Boeshield T9 Bike Lubricant is based on technology developed by The Boeing Company.

Unique solvent and parrafin wax formula penetrates, cleans, and displaces moisture. Dries to a thin film that lubricates and protects for HUNDREDS OF MILES / KILOMETRES

Will not wash off or pick up dirt.

Originally developed for use in commercial aircraft, but now used in many different applications where a premium quality lubricant is required.

Perfect for use with bikes including with:

  • Drive Chain
  • Derailleur
  • Brake Cables
  • Shift Cables
  • Caliper Pivots
  • Seat Posts
  • Spoke Nipples
  • Inside Frame

Cleans, lubes, protects, repels dirt, dust & mud, totally waterproof.