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Premium Resistance Band

True ACTIVE BAND is a thick, durable resistance band that will take your training up a notch. Made from 100% natural latex, this premium band is suitable for a wide range of exercises and movements.


Premium Material

Made from 100% natural latex, True ACTIVE BAND will last a lifetime.


Diverse Usage

The potential uses for True ACTIVE BAND band are limitless! Loop it around your thighs, knees, ankles or arms for added resistance during countless exercises.


Training Aid

Add True ACTIVE BAND into your routine for extra intensity and better results.



Easily take True ACTIVE BAND anywhere for an instant lift to your outdoor or at-home workout. It’s light and takes up minimal space in your bag.


Works With The Body

Use the True ACTIVE BAND for a wide variety of motions and exercises that target the full body without the need for gym equipment.


True Branded

True ACTIVE BAND comes in a sleek black and has the iconic True Protein logo printed on the band.