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Complete Endurance Blend

ENDURANCE FUEL is a cutting edge, ultra pure tri-carb blend consisting of DEXTROSE, MALTODEXTRIN and CLUSTER DEXTRIN®. The blend also contains a hydrating mineral formula and is 100% naturally sweetened providing a complete solution for your endurance requirements.


Leading Manufacturing Processes

All the raw materials in ENDURANCE FUEL are sourced from leading global manufacturer's offering the highest industry purity


Tri-Carb Blend

ENDURANCE FUEL is unique in the fact that it contains three carbohydrate sources, DEXTROSE, MALTODEXTRIN and CLUSTER DEXTRIN®


Mineral Blend

ENDURANCE FUEL contains hydrating minerals allowing for enhanced athletic performance and full replenishment


Tapered Release

ENDURANCE FUEL is a unique formula as it contains both simple and complex carbohydrates allowing for both instant and gradual fuel.


Excellent Water Solubility

ENDURANCE FUEL mixes easily with water producing an easy to drink that is straightforward to consume.


Naturally Sweetened

ENDURANCE FUEL uses organic stevia to sweeten all flavours delivering the cleanest Endurance formula on the market